About us

The Green Board Game Company was set up in 1991 to invent games for people to play and learn together. Because learning was such an important element within our games, they were purchased by many school teachers to help their pupils to learn tricky subjects in a fun way.

In 2013 we established Green Board Education to focus on the schools market, developing a new range of games around the requirements of the National Curriculum, to support the games that were already popular in schools.

We have delved into many different subject areas as you will see under the "Our Games" section, and have many more new games planned - almost more than we can keep up with.

Our games can be found in the catalogues and on the web sites of most UK education distributors and some International ones too. However, if you are a distributor looking for a fantastic, educationally focussed, high quality product range then look no further. Please contact us and we can give you further details about how you can become a distributor. We already export our retail range to over 50 countries and many of our games have been translated into over 20 languages.

Some of our games are produced in Spain, where we work with a charity that has a manufacturing facility integrating employees with Down Syndrome into the workplace.

For further details please contact sarahb@greenboardeducation.com